Extremists exploit a loophole in social moderation: Podcasts - The Associated Press
Jan 16, 2021 1 min, 12 secs
But Apple and Google, among others, have left open a major loophole for this material: Podcasts.

Accounts that have been banned on social media for election misinformation, threatening or bullying, and breaking other rules also still live on as podcasts available on the tech giants’ platforms.

Both are available on Apple and Google podcast platforms.

Apple and Spotify are the dominant players in the U.S., with other players far behind, said Dave Zohrob, CEO of the podcast analytics firm Chartable.

Google declined to explain the discrepancy between what’s available on YouTube and what’s on Google Podcasts, saying only that its podcast service “indexes audio available on the web” much the way its search engine indexes web pages.

(Experts say that list measures a podcast’s momentum rather than total listeners.) X22 Report said in October that it was suspended by YouTube and Spotify and last week by Twitter.

The website for Red Pill News said YouTube banned its videos in October and that a Twitter suspension followed.

The podcast is available on Apple and Google, but not Spotify.

Several QAnon proponents affected by the crackdown sued YouTube in October, calling its actions a “massive de-platforming.” Among the plaintiffs are X22 Report, RedPill78 and David Hayes, who runs another conspiracy podcast called Praying Medic that’s available on Apple and Google, but not Spotify.

She currently has Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts; her podcast is available on Apple and Google.

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