Faze Rug on how starring in a horror movie made him a better YouTuber - The Verge
Oct 16, 2020 1 min, 27 secs
He watches horror movies, visits haunted attractions at Halloween, and frequently films himself getting spooked on his YouTube channel.

I just love the thrill of it.” So, around a year ago, when he was given the chance to star in a horror movie — his first ever acting role — he jumped at the chance.

More recently, though, the company has started to spread into more mainstream pop culture, and the new movie is just the beginning of a planned cinematic universe based around Faze talent.

The movie is called Crimson, and it’s a clown-themed horror film directed by Gregory Plotkin, who previously served as editor on Get Out and director on a Paranormal Activity sequel.

Rug is no stranger to being on camera — he has more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube — but he says he had no acting experience prior to working on Crimson.

Rug says that he typically shoots YouTube videos every other day, and those shoots last around five or six hours.

And to make things even more intense, he didn’t actually stop shooting YouTube videos while working on the movie.

Instead, whenever he had an off day, he would film something for his channel, including behind-the-scenes features about Crimson.

Rug says that being able to watch a crew of professionals work behind the scenes helped inspire him to make his YouTube channel more professional — which meant spending quite a bit of money on new gear

“After a few days on set, I went to the camera store and spent like $7,000 on equipment, because I’m like ‘They did this!’ or ‘They did that!’ I actually was inspired by the way they shot the movie, and I wanted to apply it to my YouTube channel,” he says

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