First details leak on Project Iris, Google’s next AR headset - Ars Technica
Jan 20, 2022 57 secs

Like Apple's rumored mixed reality glasses, Project Iris would be wireless and use external cameras to send an augmented image of the real world to you.

The Verge's sources say that about 300 people are working on the top-secret project at Google, including some members of the Pixel team.

Those projects include Google Lens, ARCore, and the recently revealed Project Starline.

Project Starline is a high-resolution video call and telepresence booth that uses both 3D sensors and 3D display technology to create the illusion that the person you are speaking with remotely is sitting directly in front of you in physical space.

As is common with R&D projects (and especially at Google), many of the projects Bavor has led have not turned into mainstream products.

On the other hand, Google is now part of an ongoing mixed reality technology arms race.

Other key people involved in Project Iris include the senior engineering director in charge of ARCore (Shahram Izadi), the senior engineering director who used to be responsible for Google Lens (Eddie Chung), Google Assistant creator Scott Huffman, former Lytro CTO Kurt Akeley, and former Facebook/Meta AR software leader Mark Lucovsky.

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