Dec 08, 2021 50 secs
Compagno applauded the controversial CEO, who once threatened to burn a partner alive, for getting rid of “snowflakes” in his midst.

Fox News host Emily Compagno left her colleagues a bit stunned on Wednesday when she gleefully celebrated a startup’s controversial CEO callously firing 900 employees over Zoom last week, repeatedly exclaiming that she “loved” it.

While the “surreal” firings left hundreds of people jobless just weeks before the holidays, and the startup now looking to pick up the pieces from their highly volatile chief’s impetuous actions, Compagno applauded Garg on Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News’ Outnumbered for getting rid of a bunch of “snowflakes.”.

While claiming to understand “the indelicate nature” of the mass firing over Zoom, Compagno argued that the employees actually deserved to be terminated due to low productivity.

And while McEnany exasperatedly pointed out how Garg reportedly threatened to staple a former business partner to a wall and burn him alive, Compagno continued to laugh and chime in: “I loved it.”

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