Google and Framework making an upgradable Chromebook, starting at $999 - 9to5Google

Google and Framework making an upgradable Chromebook, starting at $999 - 9to5Google

Google and Framework making an upgradable Chromebook, starting at $999 - 9to5Google
Sep 21, 2022 51 secs

Google and Framework are working together on a modular Chromebook that can be upgraded with various components over time and is set for early December availability with pre-orders opening today.

The Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition is gray in color and made of “precision formed and milled aluminum housing” with a large gear logo on the lid.

The Framework Chromebook will get up to eight years of ChromeOS updates, while you can download Android apps from Google Play, access Linux with Crostini, and use the Steam on ChromeOS Alpha.

Meanwhile, the “Mainboard in the Chromebook Edition is specifically designed for ChromeOS,” which does somewhat rule out any official way to install another OS on it.

Hardware privacy switches cut power from the camera and microphones to disable access as desired.

You can pre-order the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition starting today by making a “fully-refundable” $100 deposit.

All of the replacement parts and modules that make up the Chromebook Edition are also available for waitlisting on the Marketplace today

Google, Framework making upgradable Chromebook

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