Google event live blog: all the last-minute Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch leaks - Tom's Guide

Google event live blog: all the last-minute Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch leaks - Tom's Guide

Google event live blog: all the last-minute Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch leaks - Tom's Guide
Oct 05, 2022 3 mins, 52 secs

The Google October event is nearly upon us, where we expect to see a full showcase of the Google Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch, and perhaps a few extra devices thrown into the mix. .

While Google has revealed the general design of its upcoming Pixel products already, and a flurry of leaks have filled in the gaps around specs, we've still not heard about the capabilities of these devices.

Officially dubbed the Made by Google launch event, you can watch a livestream of the showcase on October 6.

The Google October event will be livestreamed on October 6 at at 10 a.m.

The best place to watch it will likely be on YouTube (opens in new tab) — we've embedded the holding video for the event below.

Google Pixel 7: The 6.3-inch Google Pixel 7 is tipped to have a tweaked design, keeping the 'camera visor' but going for a more colorful bar rather than a black glass rectangle.

Google Pixel 7 Pro: The 6.7-inch Pixel 7 Pro is said to feature a 6.7-inch 120Hz OLED display, and we hope the under-display fingerprint sensor is significantly improved.

Google Pixel Watch: As Google's first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch could be the most exciting device from Google over the past couple of years?

The question is, will it be able to beat the mighty Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch 8? .

Google managed to improve things with the Pixel 6a's sensor, but we're interested to see if that progress continues with the Pixel 7, or if Google even acknowledges that this feature fell flat last year.

The Pixel 7 Pro will have two very fierce rivals — one as soon as it launches and the other early next year.

According to 9to5 Google, (opens in new tab) the Fitbit app already lets you set up the unreleased Pixel Watch.

The site says that you can already pair the Google Pixel Watch with the Fitbit app on Android.

How about some specs for the Pixel Watch.

When the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro arrive Thursday, they'll be the second phones Google has released this year, after the Pixel 6a came out over the summer.

Assuming Google doesn't adjust pricing on the Pixel 7 — and rumor has it starting at the same $599 as the Pixel 6 — budget-minded shoppers are going to have a decision to make.

The launch event takes place a day before the final iPhone 14 model hits stores — a fact we expect Apple to make mention of before, during and after the Made by Google event.

The Made by Google event on Thursday will feature more than just the new Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch.

One thing we know will be different between the Google Pixel Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the bands.

Of course, leaks are all well and good, but what we really want to know is if the Pixel Watch is the best smartwatch out there

Especially for Android users, who already have great options in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Luckily, we were thinking the same thing and put the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 up against the Google Pixel Watch

Read on to see whether or not we think the Pixel Watch can be one of the best Wear OS devices out there when it debuts

And that's set to be true for the Google Pixel Watch, with reliable tipster OnLeaks posting a range of faces the Pixel Watch will support, as well as mix of straps. 

If you've wondered what it might look like outside of glamorous Google renders and lifestyle images, then take a look at some of these images from an early Google Pixel Watch unboxing video. 

I (Roland Moore-Colyer) am still open to the design, which looks a bit like an Apple Watch crossed with a Galaxy Watch 5

If you decide that you're not into the Google October event for the Pixel 7 phones, rather you waiting for the Pixel Watch, then you may be interested in this killer Pixel 6 deal we've found. 

You can currently grab the Google Pixel 6 (128GB) for $199 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab), which is a heck of a drop from the original $599 price tag

Clearly, Best Buy is making way for the new Google phones, but that shouldn't put you off from getting the Pixel 6, which is on of our pick for the best Android phone. 

One of the biggest leaks we've had in the run up to the Google October event is a specs dump for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

Let's kick things off with a fresh Google Pixel Watch leak

These new images seme to reveal how the Google Pixel Watch has comically large bezels

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