Hudson: A Deplorable Moment for Every Black American in This Country
May 22, 2020 1 min, 58 secs
Joe Biden saying, “You ain’t black” if you’re on the fence about voting for him over President Donald Trump is beyond insulting.

I’ve been called a coon “with bad African blood” because my skin is black, and I’ve never, nor would I ever, vote for a Democrat.

Trump has also allocated more money to historically black colleges and universities than any other president in U.S.

Biden spokeswoman Symone Sanders said the former vice president’s remarks were made “in jest.” Biden later admitted he made a mistake, saying, “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy.

But if Joe Biden questioning the blackness of America’s roughly 17 million black voters was said “in jest,” then why would a Biden spokesperson need to tell us it was a joke.

The Democrats’ last presidential nominee called millions of Americans supporting Trump “deplorable” and “irredeemable.” Hillary Clinton didn’t apologize for saying that.

If you’re black and you’re not offended by Joe Biden questioning your blackness if you don’t support him, would you be offended if President Trump said the same thing.

But if Trump said, “You ain’t black if you don’t vote for me over Biden,” it would almost certainly end his chances at reelection?

If Joe Biden said, “You ain’t Jewish” if you vote for Trump, would that not be deemed antisemitic?

Joe Biden may well be given a pass for this racist remark (said “in jest”) because he’s a Democrat?

If that’s true — as it often is in similar instances — and Biden is given a pass, what does that say about how black voters are viewed and valued in the eye of those doing the forgiving.

Biden’s comments came just one day after the media ran wild with a Quinnipiac poll showing how 81 percent of black Americans said they would vote for Biden, while only three percent would vote for Trump if the election were held today. “I come from a state that is the eighth largest black population in America, the eighth largest.

I get 96 percent of that vote for the last 40 years.

With that kind of entitlement and years of lopsided support from black Americans, is it really all that surprising, then, that Joe Biden would think and then say in front of a national audience something so racist.

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