Kylie Jenner slams accusation that Kylie Cosmetics bypasses safety protocols: 'Shame on you' - Fox News

Kylie Jenner slams accusation that Kylie Cosmetics bypasses safety protocols: 'Shame on you' - Fox News

Kylie Jenner slams accusation that Kylie Cosmetics bypasses safety protocols: 'Shame on you' - Fox News
Aug 05, 2022 58 secs

Kylie Jenner is clapping back after being accused of bypassing "proper sanitation protocols" while in Milan, Italy, testing products for her beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics.

Kevin James Bennett, a cosmetic developer, took to Instagram on Thursday to publicly call out Jenner for not following protocols.

Kylie Jenner was accused of not following safety protocols at a Kylie Cosmetics lab in Milan, Italy.

And I'd like to know what ignorant manufacturer (in Italy) let her stage this photo-op in their lab and on the manufacturing floor - without following proper sanitation protocols.


"kevin - this picture is not taken in a manufacturing facility," Jenner began?

Jenner shut down the allegations, claiming she was in a "personal space" and not the Kylie Cosmetic's manufacturing facility.

Jenner and boyfriend, Travis Scott, were spotted leaving dinner in London on Thursday night

It appears Jenner has put the social media war to rest as she was spotted leaving Nobu in London with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, and their daughter, Stormi, on Thursday night

Kylie Cosmetics has been credited for making the 25-year-old the first billionaire in the Kardashian family

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