More than 50 million under winter weather alerts across the East Coast with snow and heavy winds on the way - CNN
Jan 17, 2022 1 min, 21 secs
There could also be icing issues Monday in places including Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Roanoke, Virginia; and Charleston, West Virginia, Guy said.

The governors of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia activated members of the National Guard to help with storm response.

"Weather at the time was a mixture of wintry precipitation."

In South Carolina, 120 service members were activated and many have been assisting stranded motorists, tweets from the South Carolina National Guard show.

And in Virginia, 75 service members were staged for storm response, including "personnel with chain saws for clearing fallen trees and heavy duty tactical vehicles capable of traveling through deep snow at key locations," the Virginia National Guard said in a news release.

Virginia State Police responded to nearly 1,000 traffic crashes and disabled vehicles Sunday across the state the agency said.

It may have completely destroyed 30 mobile homes of the 108 mobile homes damaged near Fort Myers, according to a damage survey by the National Weather Service.

Four injuries were reported, but no one was taken to a hospital, officials said.

In Charlotte County, north of Fort Myers, an EF1 tornado with winds of 110 mph left behind a path of destruction, according to the weather service.

"A waterspout moved across Gasparilla sound near Boca Grande Causeway before then moved ashore as a short-lived tornado near Placida damaging at least 35 homes and a marina storage facility," the weather service said in a bulletin.

No one was injured, but some residents have been displaced, the Charlotte County government said in a tweet.

Correction: An earlier version of this story gave the wrong state for a city that could face icing issues.

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