PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan says more PlayStation 5 units will be available than PS4s in 2013 - The Washington Post
Sep 16, 2020 1 min, 33 secs

That simplicity was by design, said Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan in an interview with The Washington Post on Wednesday.

Microsoft to release $299 Xbox Series S, a smaller console with a smaller price, Nov.

Ryan also claims that the pricing of the PlayStation 5 machines was decided “quite early this year,” and that Sony always intended to offer a version of the PlayStation 5 at the same price point as 2013′s PlayStation 4.

For now, Ryan said Sony will have more PlayStation 5 units ready for sale than they had PlayStation 4 units in 2013.

About 2.1 million PlayStation 4 units sold worldwide two weeks after its 2013 launch, with a million in the first day alone?

The PlayStation 4, with more than 112 million consoles sold over seven years, has had a stellar year with exclusive titles like “The Last of Us Part II,” “Ghost of Tsushima” and “Final Fantasy VII: Remake,” which take up three of the top five spots for best-selling titles in 2020 so far.

Ryan also said that of the thousands of games tested for PS4 backwards compatibility, “99 percent” can be played on the next console.

Sony also announced a new service called PS Plus Collection, which will offer 18 PS4 first-party titles for download to subscribers to the PlayStation online service.

It’s a tremendous freebie for anyone who plays their PlayStation online, and a good entry point for anyone new to Sony properties like “The Last of Us.”.

Ryan said he expects up to four years for the PlayStation 4′s expected life span, which makes sense considering the console’s large install base.

“The vision is that while we very much respect the primacy of PlayStation as the principle resting place for the great gaming intellectual property we have, we kind of think it’s time to explore extending the IP,” Ryan said

Microsoft to release $299 Xbox Series S, a smaller console with a smaller price, Nov

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