PS5 Controllers Begin to Appear in the Wild - Push Square
Oct 17, 2020 2 mins, 10 secs

It looks as though PlayStation 5 controllers are beginning to arrive at retail warehouses around the world!

Over on Twitter, one eagle-eyed fan spotted a DualSense shipment at Walmart, and promptly took a photograph of the pad’s packaging to prove it:.

We know that any next-gen accessories purchased through the PlayStation Direct store will ship from 30th October, and we imagine other major retailers will follow suit.

He also likes tennis games way more than you.

100 dollars seems a bit to high for a controller (unless it's for the taxes of course)?

Got an email from yesterday saying that my pulse headset is being dispatched on the 12th, hopefully they make a mistake and send out the ps5 for the 12th too lol, but unfortunately that still says 19th, how good would it be if Sony have just been teasing us for 19th and decided to release on 12th lol.

Can't wait to try ps5 dpad and compare it to psvita dpad.

Having a controller without the console isn't the most useful thing in the world.

It's just a PS1 controller with a slight redesign.

Hopefully the PS6 will have a proper modern asymmetrical controller!

@Rhaoulos Noooooooo I really dislike asymmetrical controller design.

Stupid that I’ve got to wait a week for the actual console.

I must have misunderstood you, if so I apologise for assuming such a level of lunacy, did you actually suggest the dualsense controller is just a redesigned ps1 pad

Can it be used with the PS4 games on ps5

wondering if Best Buy warehouse also got dualsense shipment too

I can't wait to have a smell of one of these bad boys

@NateGoesLive The dualsense will definitely work with playing PS4 games on the PS5, as far as it working directly on a PS4 I assume it will but we will see

@Daleaf I did too, hope they change the release date to 12th for the console as well, I cannot wait another day nevermind a week

@Rhaoulos if you like the Xbox controllers better, just wait a bit and they will come out with one for the PS5

I can't wait to find out that feels like in my hands

Looks like the best controller Sony has made so far

It's just worse that some games and accessories are arriving soon just annoying lol

One Sony

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News PS5 Controllers Begin to Appear in the Wild

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PS5 Controllers Begin to Appear in the Wild

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