Scientists just realized something special about a dinosaur discovered 15 years ago - Yahoo Entertainment
May 12, 2021 4 mins, 43 secs
At the time, it didn’t get its due, but researchers have now examined it in detail and determined that it is indeed an entirely new species from the Ceratopsidae family, and it’s believed to be the oldest one yet.

The discovery of the dinosaur as being an entirely new species is important for a number of reasons, not least of which is the location where it was found.

Specimens of the species, including multiple bones from the same animal in one area, were discovered in the Menefee Formation in New Mexico.

Some of the later species featured massive, boney shield-like headgear and even spikes in place of boney frills.

The new species name, Menefeeceratops sealeyi, is a nod to both the area where it was discovered, the family group of the dinosaur, and the original discoverer from 1996, Paul Sealy.

These are often animals of the same species or sometimes two different species in a predator-prey relationship.

So, you can imagine the excitement of the team of scientists that found fossilized evidence of an interaction between not two, but three different species.

The fossils were found in Germany by what is described as an "amateur collector" who just happened to stumble across an absolutely incredible discovery.

The scientists think that the predator that surprised the squid may have been a species of ancient shark, though they can't say for certain.

So these are people just like you and me."Mtoto was part of a hunter gatherer culture, with remains of various antelope species and other prey found at the site.Also found were stone tools and stone points that could be used as part of a spear.Ndiema said the discovery also shows early Homo sapiens lived in different parts of what is now Kenya.That contradicts a long-standing narrative that suggested early humans only settled in the Great Rift Valley, further west from the coast.

Until it isn’t.A growing community of lumber-shortage truthers on social media platforms deny there is any scarcity at all, blaming the increased prices instead on a nefarious cabal intent on lumber price-gouging— or even preventing would-be homeowners from achieving the American dream of homeownership.As proof, the lumber conspiracy theorists cite videos of some lumber.“I’m just astounded at how much lumber is here, and I’m wondering why there’s such a problem at the lumber yard,” the owner of a YouTube account called “Ken’s Karpentry” said in April, in a much-cited video showing stacks of lumber waiting at a depot?

“We’re still seeing the prices increase at the lumber yards, so I’m not sure why.”The video, entitled “TRAIN LOADS OF LUMBER JUST STACKED UP !!!.

Zero Hedge, a popular pro-Trump blog that oftens publishes conspiracy theories, used the video as proof that a sinister lumber gang could be inflating lumber prices.“Could the lumber industry, controlled just by a few players, be pulling the playbook straight out of the diamond industry to limit supply to drive up prices?” pseudonymous ZeroHedge writer “Tyler Durden” asked on May 1.The lumber shortage truther movement’s reliance on videos of stacks of lumber that don’t actually prove anything about the global lumber supply chains echoes a similar, coronavirus-focused conspiracy theory.

By filming half-full hospital parking lots or lobbies, the “Film Your Hospital” crews argued in a series of viral videos that the pandemic was a hoax.How Trumpists Are Trying to Hijack a Small-Town New Hampshire Ballot Audit In reality, higher lumber prices have been fueled by a combination of more demand for new housing, home improvement projects and the lingering effects of lumber producers reducing production in the first months of the pandemic in anticipation of an economic crash.

In March, the American Wood Council put out a statement blaming the increased price on supply shortages and increased consumer lumber use.Still, fueled by the Ken’s Karpentry video and other footage of lumber, conspiracy theorists across the internet have become fixated on lumber as a symbol of powerful forces at play behind the scenes.

On a popular QAnon forum, one user speculated Sunday that the shortage was faked to make it more difficult for Americans to buy houses.“There are a LOT of these type vids showing the BS narrative of Lumber shortages,” the poster wrote

Part of the American dream is to buy a house.”Amateur lumber sleuths may have found their most secure home on TikTok, where quick videos of lumber meant to disprove the global lumber shortage have gone viral.“TikTok, these folks lying to us about this wood shortage,” a TikTok user with the screenname “Red the Trucker” posted in late April, panning his camera over stacks of lumber

But another trucker’s video proved to be even more influential in the world of lumber conspiracy theorists, garnering 3.6 million views.“I can tell you, these lumber yards and the actual sawmills, and the third party—the third-party lumber buyers, they have this lumber stacked up as high as the forklifts will go,” the TikTok user behind the viral video said

“They are holding onto it, and just barely trickling it out.”The TikTok lumber videos are often repackaged into video compilations on Facebook, where they can spread their theories about the lumber shortage even further.“So Joe Biden says there’s a shortage of lumber, and that’s why the price at Home Depot is so high on 2x4’s and such?” the narrator of one video posted to Facebook in early May intones, over footage of stacks of lumber.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day

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