'SNL' cold open shows Joe meeting 'ghost of Biden past' as problems mount, poll numbers drop - Fox News
Oct 24, 2021 52 secs
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The sketch showed Biden (played by new "SNL" cast member James Austin Johnson) struggling with bad poll numbers, Democratic infighting and criticism over his policies.

Suddenly, guest host Jason Sudeikis, as Obama-era Vice President Biden, appeared before him. .

New "Saturday Night Live" cast member James Austin Johnson is the latest comedian to impersonate Joe Biden on the sketch show. .

He explained that where he’s from – 2013 – Biden is still vice president. .

Johnson’s Biden warned him that in 2021 he’s no longer allowed to rub shoulders or shake hands anymore. .

From left: "Saturday Night Live" cast member Alex Moffat, musical guest Brandi Carlile, guest host Jason Sudeikis and cast member Chloe Fineman in NBC's Studio 8H in New York City, Oct

"Wow, Hillary got awesome!" the unaware 2013 Biden answered

Sudeikis, a former "SNL" cast member, has previously played Biden on the show

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