So Bethesda Games Will Be Xbox Exclusive, But Don’t Expect Xbox To Say That Out Loud - Forbes
Oct 17, 2020 1 min, 39 secs

Yesterday, a lengthy interview made the rounds between Kotaku and Phil Spencer which included some pretty random stuff (the Series S can load games faster than the Series X due to lower scale textures?), but it’s also the closest Microsoft has come to saying that yes, its upcoming big Bethesda games will be Xbox exclusive and not on PlayStation.

The breakdown of the exchange is that Kotaku asked Spencer if they could still recoup a $7.5 billion investment with huge games like Elder Scrolls VI that are not sold on PlayStation, which will no doubt move 100M+ units this coming generation.

What Spencer is saying without saying it outright is that yes, big games like Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield and whatever Bethesda makes next outside of existing deals in place like with Deathloop will likely be Xbox exclusive.

And so by that definition, no, you will not be able to play those huge Bethesda games on PS5 in the future, and Microsoft seems to think they can afford that.

They want to be the Netflix of this space, whatever that costs, and they want to make Elder Scrolls and Starfield be assets to them like Stranger Things and Cobra Kai are for Netflix, a motivating factor in signing up.

But again, do not expect Phil Spencer to flat out say things like “No, Elder Scrolls and Fallout and Starfield will not be on PlayStation in the future.” That would play too much into the console war narrative that Spencer says he hates, even if that is literally the action most likely to be taken in order to better position Microsoft in this market.

And yes, there probably will continue to be some Bethesda games that make their way to other consoles, but I would absolutely expect Microsoft to save the biggest releases for the Xbox ecosystem so they can at least attempt to match Sony and Nintendo on exclusive parity, which has been the Xbox’s main problem for three generations now.

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