Stardew Valley Creator Reveals His Next Game, Haunted Chocolatier - Nintendo Life
Oct 22, 2021 2 mins, 54 secs

Eric "ConceredApe" Barone - the creator for the insanely popular farming and lifestyle sim, Stardew Valley - has just lifted the lid on his brand new game, Haunted Chocolatier.

After dedicating 10 years of his life "and counting" to Stardew Valley, Barone has decided it's time to reveal his new game to the world.

It's just an idea that he had, and well - a lot of people like chocolate.

"In Stardew Valley, the focus was more humble: living off the land, growing food, and connecting to the people and nature around you.

However, don’t think for a moment that, because this game features ghosts in a haunted castle, it is an evil or negative game.

However, if Stardew Valley mostly channeled the energy of the sun, Haunted Chocolatier channels the energy of the moon.

It'll also allow Barone to unleash a part of himself that he wasn't able to within the constraints of Stardew Valley:.

I’ve been mostly working on the “meat and potatoes” of the game so far.

And although the game is coming along nicely, there's still a lot of work to do:.

While the video I put together may look like the game is at an advanced stage of development, there is still a ton of stuff to do.

I tend to work with a “vertical slice” approach, and so it’s easy to put together some video that looks like a finished game.

So, please understand that it will be a while before this game is done.

In an FAQ over on the official game website, the creator also addressed a few other questions - the game is currently single-player only and has been in development for just over a year now.

And while it might look and play similar to Stardew, it's actually running on a new engine - Barone is still able to reuse some code from Stardew Valley, though.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games.

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I really liked Stardew Valley so I will definitely keep an eye on this

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