Stroke contributing factors may include losing temper, extreme exercise: study - Fox News
Dec 03, 2021 1 min, 14 secs

Using a "case-crossover approach," the team determined whether a trigger within one hour of symptom onset was associated with acute stroke, versus the same time period on the previous day.

One in 11 survivors experienced a period of anger or upset in the one hour leading up to it, and the global INTERSTROKE study found that one in 20 patients had engaged in heavy physical exertion.

Heavy physical exertion was linked to around a 60% increase in the risk of intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) – a rare form of stroke that causes bleeding in the brain – during that same period after heavy exertion, but not with all strokes or ischemic strokes. .

"Acute anger or emotional upset was associated with the onset of all stroke, ischemic stroke, and ICH, while acute heavy physical exertion was associated with ICH only," the authors wrote.

"The study also concluded that there was no increase with exposure to both triggers of anger and heavy physical exertion," Smythe said.

"Some of the best ways to prevent stroke are to maintain a healthy lifestyle, treat high blood pressure and not to smoke, but our research also shows other events such as an episode of anger or upset or a period of heavy physical exertion independently increase the short-term risk." study co-leader and National University of Ireland Galway Professor Martin O'Donnell said

"We would emphasize that a brief episode of heavy physical exertion is different to getting regular physical activity, which reduces the long-term risk of stroke," he explained

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