The Best YouTube Extensions Everyone Should Use - Lifehacker

The Best YouTube Extensions Everyone Should Use - Lifehacker

Nov 18, 2022 48 secs

It blocks ads, allows you to significantly boost the volume for all videos, and lets you pick a different default video quality, frame rate, and codec.

This extension lets you boost the volume up to 600% and allows you to set a different volume level for each tab in the browser.

It replaces thumbnails with actual screengrabs from the videos, which makes YouTube a lot less annoying.

You can also check out YouTube Full Title for Videos, which shows you the complete headline for every video.

It forces YouTube to play in an HTML5 player, which means that you can play videos in the background for free.

Video Speed Controller is a Chrome extension that lets you speed up or slow down YouTube videos easily.

This extension lets you drop a bookmark at any given timestamp inside a video.

You just have to press B on the keyboard to add a bookmark to YouTube videos, which makes the extension pretty easy to use

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