The PS5 Shortage Will Likely Stretch Into 2022 - Gizmodo
May 10, 2021 50 secs
In a call with analysts, Sony warned that they likely won’t be able to meet PS5 demand and restock stores through 2022.

However, in the six months since the console launched, Sony admitted it was struggling to keep up with demand.

While the PS5 is selling well, it looks like the disparity between supply and demand will continue into next year, with no official timeline for when Sony expects the shortage to end.

Bloomberg quotes Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki as saying that even if Sony were to secure more devices and ramp up production next year, Sony’s “supply wouldn’t be able to catch up with demand.” Totoki also asserted that demand for the console would remain high, even as the surge in at-home gaming due to the pandemic seems to be leveling off.

Microsoft has also been scrambling to meet demand for its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, to the point where it recently asked GPU and CPU maker AMD for help.

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