The White Lotus Recap: Sex Talks - Vulture
Jul 26, 2021 1 min, 35 secs

The Pattons are tiffing again, this time because Shane wants to have sex.

It’s not that Rachel doesn’t want to have sex — though sometimes she doesn’t want to — but that she wants Shane to want to have sex less.

Until, that is, he says he doesn’t want to have sex, in which case she looks hurt until he admits that he actually would in fact like to have sex.

When Rachel asks Mark how the Mossbachers keep “the spark alive,” his candor is more disconcerting than Shane’s libido.

Mark has Bloody Marys for breakfast until it’s time for day one of scuba school.

His mom orders replacements that can’t make it to the island in time, but this is Maui, not the edge of civilization.

Phoneless and Switchless, Quinn has no refuge from his dad’s unfiltered truth, or at least what Mark thinks the truth is.

It’s fascinating to see how quickly Mark bends the new information about his dad into a self-serving narrative.

“He hid the monkey and that screwed me up.” To save Quinn, Mark is going to tell the truth, and the truth is mostly frank sex talk with anyone who will listen.

Mark doesn’t hear because he’s still at the bar, accidentally propositioning Armond, who has enjoyed 400–500 pau hana drinks.

As good as Murray Bartlett is at playing a man buzzing with Adderall and schadenfreude, this week’s MVP is hands-down Jennifer Coolidge, who takes boozy Tanya from fragile to fractured over a case of champagne.

Tanya feels like a fuller version of other characters that Coolidge has played — washed-up and spaced out, simultaneously puerile and battered — but with backstory enough to justify her sadness.

“I wish I had a man here,” she says, watching Rachel and Shane over dinner.

In a shrewd metaphor, Tanya can’t even get the urn open herself.

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