There's a Fascinating Connection That Might Exist Between Vasectomies and Depression—Here's What to Know About It - Yahoo Life

There's a Fascinating Connection That Might Exist Between Vasectomies and Depression—Here's What to Know About It - Yahoo Life

There's a Fascinating Connection That Might Exist Between Vasectomies and Depression—Here's What to Know About It - Yahoo Life
Aug 16, 2022 1 min, 19 secs

While many people are primarily concerned with the physical aftermath, it’s also important to take mental health into consideration.

According to research, psychological complications such as depression can occur post-vasectomy—and is more likely among those with pre-existing mental illness or marital issues as well as inadequate pre-procedure counseling.

Previous research suggests there are numerous risk factors for post-vasectomy psychological morbidity, which includes pre-existing marital and difficulty performing sexually, pre-existing mental health conditions, and a negative perspective of the procedure’s impact on health.

“If you were pressured into the procedure by a partner, this can make a man more prone to depression and cause possible relationship problems due to resentment.”.

Wrestling with various emotions about the procedure can lead to different levels of depression that are influenced by whether someone has a depressive personality to begin with, and how ambivalent they were about the operation, Dr.

If one has anxiety disorders or depression, they may be more prone to post-operative depression than someone who does not have these issues.

Also, feeling ambivalent and conflicted about having the procedure could lead to increased negative feelings afterward, Dr.

If all of the “safeguards” have been put into place before undergoing a vasectomy and a man is feeling depressed, he should seek the help of a licensed mental health professional.

Afterward, awareness of early signs and symptoms of depression is important so they can be addressed medically before a more serious depression develops

Support of a partner is important as with all major life stressors

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