Tony Hawk Has Heard About Crash 4 Coming To New Platforms, Wants His Own Game To Follow - Nintendo Life
Feb 23, 2021 5 mins, 5 secs

Earlier this month, Activision announced Crash Bandicoot 4 would be coming to the Nintendo Switch this March.

One other game that's been requested time and time again, is last year's remake of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2.

If anyone could make it happen, it's gotta be the Birdman himself, Tony Hawk.

In a single tweet, he mentioned how he had heard about Crash 4 coming to "new platforms" and was "kinda jealous", requesting Crash to hook his game up?

It's worth noting the Switch is the only console platform the new Tony Hawk game isn't on yet.

Last year, in August, there was a rumour about Switch control options hidden inside the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 demo.

Of course, this led to speculation the game would eventually be making the leap across to Nintendo's system!

In more recent times, Vicarious Visions (the team behind Crash and Tony) was merged into Blizzard and is now working on the recently announced title Diablo II: Resurrected!

Would you like to see Tony's latest game land on the Switch.

I bought it on PC, but it deserves to be on Switch too.

Never heard of it but I will try it out if it does come to switch.

Please, I have been desperate for a good extreme sports game on a portable.

Is that a character in the upcoming Skatebird game.

Tony Hawk 1+2 would be great on the Switch, I hope their little playful tweets are a sign of things to come.

It's very likely that this game will come to Switch.

It’s an absolutely phenomenal remake, the challenge system adds thousands of hours of gameplay if you’re so inclined.

@Jakiboy I like the originals as much as the next person but this remake is everything you could ever want, with manuals, reverts and a whole load of characters.

Don’t sleep on it just because it’s a remake.

One pair of eyes spark hope for numerous fans...I wouldn't be surprised if a new game eventually came out, and wouldn't be surprised about a Switch version either.

There's something about Tony Hawk seeming to not know about cross-platform releases until Crash 4 enlightened him that really tickles me.

I just got it on PC but I hope they release this remake on switch and hopefully future Tony Hawk games if they become a thing.

Tony Hawk, we welcome you with open arms to make the switch?


Give us tony hawk pro skater 3 for switch then will talk!

Like @nessisonnet said this remake is absolutely insane and I would love to have it on my switch.

Not that interested in this game in particular but more if his calling it out makes any difference on the game actually coming to Switch and other platforms.

We know most studios don't seem to care what players want, but maybe they care about celebrities.

Then we can badger celebrities to spread the word for games we want.

If it's half as fun as the GBA Tony Hawk games, I'm in?

I am convinced Activision delays the release of these games on Switch for the double dip effect.

Crash Trilogy, Spyro Trilogy, Crash 4 and now Tony Hawk (pretty sure it's coming) will be bought by Switch only owners but there will be a lot of PC, Xbox and PS gamers who already bought the game but wanted it portable too and likely would have just bought it on Switch only day one.

@EVIL-C That’s a bit of a stretch, Activision have brought Overwatch, Spyro, Crash, Crash Team Racing and they’re bringing Crash 4.

Cool if true but why stop at Tony Hawk 1 and 2!

Just remastered all four games for Switch.

Been waiting for this, as a Nintendo-only console holder and huge fan of 1 (N64) and 2 (Dreamcast) back in the day!

@Ghost_of_Hasashi 4 is an entirely different style of game.

I loved the games back in the day, would definitely pick them up if they kickflipped there way to the Switch.

This is my first time owning more than one console (Switch and Series S) and the first time I ever see myself double dipping!

I betcha in a few weeks UbiSoft will be hinting Prince of Persia for Switch again like they said they don't want to.

Again, ignoring a console with 80 million + users, a console where most people want EVERY game ported to the console for the hybrid portability, is bad business.

Port EVERY GAME to the Switch, UbiSoft, EA, Activision, others.

The only main outlier from them is Call of Duty, which is still quite baffling as the mobile game would fit right at home on Switch?

I realize how nostalgic Spyro or Crash are, but my nostalgia and experience is with N64.

I miss that game.

Hopefully THPS 1 & 2 does come to Switch.

TBH I want it on Switch more than Crash 4.

It really is an insane remake of both games and the sound track is still amazing

Also, Tony Hawk for Smash

It really is as great as a remake gets, plays exactly like THPS 3 on PS2 and that is one heck of a classic

Heard good things about this remake

If the games does come to Switch (which is now almost guaranteed) and if the port stacks up, I’ll pick this one up

Not played a Tony Hawk’s game before

This game belongs on a Nintendo console

As with tons of games that I’m not able to invest the PS4 time (Witcher 3 for example) I would much rather play on switch

@Heavyarms55 there is no way that Tony Hawk has just learned that porting games is a thing and that he went on Twitter to "call Activision out" to get TH1+2 ported

if this wasn't already guaranteed to happen (or 99% confirmed), this is the kind of stuff that keeps contracts from being re-upped, not the sort of thing that Crash Bandicoot goes "wow, let me tag in my parent company so they can post the googly eyes emoji" to

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Tony Hawk Has Heard About Crash 4 Coming To New Platforms..

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