Travis Scott's Ex-Manager Saw Astroworld Tragedy Coming and Says Scott Only Thinks About Himself 'When He Sees People in Danger' - Showbiz Cheat Sheet
Nov 25, 2021 51 secs
A tragedy with great loss and possible prevention has struck families hard following the Astroworld Festival held by Travis Scott.

Not counting the cases involving victims suing Scott and other parties over the concert, the compensation sought in a lawsuit filed on behalf of over 125 individuals is $750 million.

The same dude who left his former manager for dead while they was having a seizure in the studio.

claimed Scott “left his former manager for dead while they [were] having a seizure in the studio.” Although there is no police report or legal confirmation, Scott’s former manager Shane Morris confirmed the statement.

I’m Travis Scott’s former manager?

All the videos documented — the evidence — are quite clear, and they align with what I know about Travis Scott.

In his TikTok video, Morris also mentions an article about Scott’s “habit of cheering on wild crowds” and how it has brought him legal trouble before. 

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