'Tridemic' threatening to overwhelm healthcare systems - PBS NewsHour

'Tridemic' threatening to overwhelm healthcare systems - PBS NewsHour

'Tridemic' threatening to overwhelm healthcare systems - PBS NewsHour
Nov 23, 2022 1 min, 39 secs

More than three-quarters of pediatric hospital beds nationwide are occupied, seniors are hospitalized at a higher rate for respiratory illness and flu hospitalizations are at a decade-level high.

Megan Ranney joined Judy Woodruff to discuss.

Judy Woodruff:.

More than three-quarters of pediatric hospital beds nationwide are at capacity.

And some states are reporting that more than 90 percent of pediatric beds are occupied.

Megan Ranney is a practicing emergency room physician.

Megan Ranney, Emergency Physician, Brown University:.

Judy Woodruff:.

Unfortunately, they have worsened, because we have lost staff, because we have seen hospitals, and particularly pediatric beds, close over the course of a pandemic.

Judy Woodruff:.

We are seeing, as you said, as we reported, pediatric beds filled up around the country.

It feels like my kids are back in day care all over again, even though they're middle schoolers.

And, at the end of the day, if you're worried, call your pediatrician, go to an urgent care or, yes, come to the emergency department.

Judy Woodruff:.

So, symptoms that should cause parents to go to a hospital is if your kid is not making urine or wet diapers, is not making tears when they're crying, if they're breathing quickly, or you see them using their extra muscles in their chest or in their belly in order to breathe, if they're not able to sleep or eat or drink, or, honestly, if they're just not acting like themselves, even after you get that fever down.

Judy Woodruff:?

Megan Ranney:.

Judy Woodruff:.

And, in general, I mean, this goes back to what you were saying about parents being on the lookout for their children, but when you think about going to a crowded emergency room, what should tip the scale of it.

What should someone think about when they think, can I treat this at home, or do I need to go into that hospital, even if I have to sit in an emergency room.

Megan Ranney:.

Judy Woodruff:.

Megan Ranney:

Judy Woodruff:

Megan Ranney:

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