Twitter's 'Useless' Dragon Age Facts Shed New Light On Series - Kotaku

Twitter's 'Useless' Dragon Age Facts Shed New Light On Series - Kotaku

Twitter's 'Useless' Dragon Age Facts Shed New Light On Series - Kotaku
Feb 03, 2023 1 min, 12 secs

One of the funniest came from John Epler, currently creative director on Dreadwolf, explaining that despite having a sprint option in Dragon Age: Inquisition when riding a mount, the game doesn’t actually increase your movement speed, it just adds some effects and moves the camera slightly so the player feels like they’re going faster.

For characters like Dorian and Sera, the player meets up with their love interest in their quarters to do the horizontal tango, which is located in the central tower of the party’s home base.

Whether prompted by the trend or not, David Gaider, who previously acted as a writer on the series before departing in 2016, posted what was the original roadmap for Dragon Age: Inquisition ’s ending.

The ending that launched with the game featured a short stinger of Solas, the party member turned surprise villain, meeting with enigmatic series mainstay Flemeth and seemingly absorbing her life and power for his own.

Gaider says in the thread that he was okay with how the final scene ended up, comparing it to a Marvel-style stinger that would hint at something to come, and says the team didn’t make a playable build of the original outline.

Recently, fans got a chance to experience the universe in a new way with the Dragon Age: Absolution anime on Netflix, which also included what seems to be hints toward either a new season or story beats in Dreadwolf.

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