'Un-American' Trump Ripped Over Coronavirus Blue State Death Toll Boast
Sep 17, 2020 1 min, 11 secs

Trump’s boast wasn’t even factually accurate; as many critics pointed out on social media, the United States would still have one of the world’s worst tolls from the virus even without deaths from “blue” states. .

The deaths in the blue states don’t count is one probably the sickest and most honest belief I’ve heard Trump express.

Take out blue state deaths and we still have the second-highest death toll globally.

Or the Blue States of America.

We are the United States of America.

(though clearly he doesn't consider himself my president, since i live in a blue state) https://t.co/Rn4jLGSQnu.

Most of the people in America live in Blue States?

If you take the blue states out, the south totally won the Civil War

Trump said today that blue states are to blame for COVID deaths

Second, of the six states with the most COVID deaths so far, half have Dem Govs, half have GOP Govs

If you take the blue states out, nobody died on 9/11

Why would the president ever — ever — when talking about American COVID deaths, start a sentence with, "If you take the blue states out..."

If you take out the “blue states” and blue cities from federal revenue, the red states collapse

"If you take the blue states out" will be remembered as one of the most callous sentiments ever uttered by an American president...

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