Week 13 college football winners and losers: Michigan thrives, while Ohio State and Clemson dive - USA TODAY

Week 13 college football winners and losers: Michigan thrives, while Ohio State and Clemson dive - USA TODAY

Week 13 college football winners and losers: Michigan thrives, while Ohio State and Clemson dive - USA TODAY
Nov 27, 2022 2 mins, 30 secs

2 Ohio State until the Buckeyes crumbled.

After intercepting Ohio State quarterback C.J.

For Michigan, another win in this series and the high possibility of another conference championship and College Football Playoff berth means it's time to redraw the Big Ten power structure.

TIGERS FALL: Clemson's payoff hopes end with surprise loss to South Carolina.

The Trojans were not supposed to be this good, this soon — the thought that this team would be a win away from the playoff entering the Pac-12 championship game would've been laughed away in August, September and even early October.

4 TCU was able to stretch out and relax in a 62-14 win against Iowa State that concludes a perfect run into the Big 12 championship game.

13 Kansas State and the possibility of locking down a playoff berth, though the odds have risen dramatically that TCU could lose that game and still reach the semifinals.

Ranked among the middling also-rans of the SEC as recently as two weeks ago, South Carolina has spent the last seven days as the Bowl Subdivision's ultimate giant slayer.

Running away from Kansas for a 47-27 win in this unpredictably meaningful rivalry sends Kansas State to the Big 12 championship game for the first time since 2003 — there was no such game when the Wildcats won the Big 12 in 2012 — and essentially locks down a spot in the New Year's Six.

The Knights had to win to earn a spot in the American Athletic championship game; the Bulls were playing out the string in a one-win that had already cost third-year coach Jeff Scott his job.

If not at the same level as Ohio State and Michigan nor with the same national impact as Clemson and South Carolina, Saturday's slate included a run of meaningful rivalry games beginning with No.

10 Penn State got past Michigan State 35-16 to maybe book a New Year's Six bowl, UNLV held off Nevada 27-22 and No.

6 Tigers would've entered the SEC championship game with a clear road to the playoff: win against the Bulldogs, go to the semifinals.

What was on display against South Carolina has been lurking for most of this season, including ineffectiveness at wide receiver, unpredictability at quarterback and an unstoppable rash of turnovers.

The only quarterbacks to throw for more yards on Clemson in the past decade are Justin Fields in 2020 (385 yards), Joe Burrow in 2019 (463), former South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley (510) in 2018, Jameis Winston in 2013 (444), former North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon in 2012 (493) and former Florida State quarterback E.J.

That includes Michigan State, which will fall short of bowl eligibility after competing for the Big Ten crown in 2021, and Wisconsin, which tried to jumpstart a new era under interim coach Jim Leonard but sputtered into a six-win finish.

Also of note: Oklahoma State was crippled by injuries and fell from 5-0 to 7-5, Iowa State finished with a losing record for the first time since 2016 and Arkansas went 6-6 after beginning the year ranked No.

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