Windows KB5012170 update causing BitLocker recovery screens, boot issues - BleepingComputer

Windows KB5012170 update causing BitLocker recovery screens, boot issues - BleepingComputer

Windows KB5012170 update causing BitLocker recovery screens, boot issues - BleepingComputer
Aug 17, 2022 1 min, 33 secs

Windows KB5012170 Secure Boot DBX update may fail with 0x800f0922 error.

Windows KB5012170 update causing BitLocker recovery screens, boot issues.

Windows users who have installed a new KB5012170 security update for Secure Boot have encountered various issues, ranging from boots failing with BitLocker Recovery prompts to performance issues

A UEFI bootloader loads immediately after a device is started and is responsible for launching the UEFI environment with the Secure Boot feature to allow only trusted code to be executed when starting the Windows booting process

During the August 2022 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released the standalone KB5012170 'Security update for Secure Boot DBX' to resolve vulnerabilities found in various UEFI bootloaders that threat actors could use to bypass the Windows Secure Boot feature and execute unsigned code

In addition to the 0x800f0922 error, Windows users are now reporting problems with Windows after installing the KB5012170 update

As first reported by TheRegister, some Windows users are encountering BitLocker Recovery screens after installing the update

According to one of their readers, 2% of the Windows 11 devices showed BitLocker recovery screens after installing the update

For those affected by the Bitlocker recovery screen, you can typically find your recovery key stored in your Microsoft Account

For enterprise users, Windows admins can retrieve the Bitlocker recovery key from the Active Directory Users and Computers

In addition to the BitLocker recovery problems, BleepingComputer readers have said they are encountering slow boot times, or their disk configurations changed from RAID to AHCI in the firmware settings

"I have Windows 10 21H1 and after I downloaded the update last week I noticed the boot time change to VERY long," reads a comment on BleepingComputer

Thankfully, users should only run into these issues once, and they should go away after you enter the BitLocker recovery key or modify disk configurations

Windows KB5012170 Secure Boot DBX update may fail with 0x800f0922 error

Microsoft blocks UEFI bootloaders enabling Windows Secure Boot bypass

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