Zendaya reveals she wore Target clothing during her first red carpet - Daily Mail
Oct 13, 2021 1 min, 4 secs

Keeping it real: Zendaya reminisced about wearing clothing from Target at her first movie premiere during a recent interview with InStyle; she is seen at the 71st Emmy Awards in 2019.

I felt cool'; she is pictured in 2010 though it is unclear if this was the actual outfit she was talking about but it is the first red carpet event where she was pictured.

Interesting approach: During the sit-down, Zendaya expressed that she thought of red carpet events as prominent ways to show off new 'characters and narratives'; she is pictured in 2019.

I do think a little bit about that.'.

It's like an extension of my acting career in a weird way — you just pop this wig on or whatever it is,' she said.

Looking back: The Euphoria star also expressed that she takes 'a lot of style inspiration from my grandmothers'; she is pictured in 2019.

Looking to the future: Zendaya concluded the sit-down by expressing that, although she turned 25 last month, she felt 'like I just started my 20s'; she is seen in 2018

The performer concluded the sit-down by speaking about how she was looking forward to the future while trying to come to terms with aging

I feel like I just started my 20s, so that's a little strange to wrap my head around

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