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The 39-year-old told his Instagram followers he will be relying on crutches and a leg brace “for the next month or so”.

WATCH IN THE VIDEO ABOVE: Tim’s wife Anna Heinrich on SAS Australia.

“In a moment of what can only be described as pure glory… I was dashing down the footy field in glorious full flight… about to score… and then RIP,” Tim began to tell his Instagram followers.

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The Toxic singer’s conservatorship was ended in November after 13 years, but a legal battle is still in place over the details of the completion of the agreement and at a hearing on Thursday (Aus time) lawyers acting for Jamie Spears requested all records relating to the case be unsealed so people can hear the “truth”, arguing the public had a “right to know”.

But Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, branded the request “offensive” and “highly inappropriate”, insisting Jamie was only keen to save his own reputation.

“We don’t think a father who loves his daughter would file to unseal her medical records,” Rosengart said.

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However, other researchers have also pointed out that even if the sequences aren’t the result of contamination, the mutations identified by Kostrikis are not exclusive to Omicron and are found in other variants, making ‘Deltacron’ something of a misnomer.

In fact, GISAID is littered with sequences that have elements of sequences seen in other variants, says Thomas Peacock, a virologist at Imperial College London

Such sequences “get uploaded all the time”, he says

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Locke said it wasn't clear if delicate pig kidney blood vessels could withstand the pounding force of human blood pressure – but they did.

One kidney was damaged during removal from the pig and didn't work properly but the other rapidly started producing urine as a kidney should

No pig viruses were transmitted to the recipient, and no pig cells were found in his bloodstream. 

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Generally, breastfeeding helps protect against many illnesses but if you have COVID and want to breastfeed Queensland Health recommends you:

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Richard Parker, the firm’s chief medical officer, also found that people who received their first vaccine dose after contracting the coronavirus were less likely to develop long Covid than those who remained unvaccinated, and the sooner they were vaccinated after infection, the lower the risk of long-term symptoms.


But results from another study, also not yet peer-reviewed, were more discouraging about the ability of vaccines to prevent long Covid.

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NEA Scout is a dainty CubeSat and NASA says it will "chase down what will become the smallest asteroid ever to be visited by a spacecraft." Its target is 2020 GE, an asteroid smaller than a school bus.

The space rock measures in at under 60 feet (18 meters). .

From the lab to your inbox.

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For the first time, scientists believe they have detected a merger of two black holes with eccentric orbits.

“This makes an interesting case to study as a second generation binary black hole system and opens up to new possibilities of formation scenarios of black holes in dense star clusters.”.

(astrophysical sciences and technology), Professor and CCRG Director Manuela Campanelli, Associate Professor Richard O’Shaughnessy, and collaborators from the University of Florida formed to give a fresh look at the data to see if the black holes had highly eccentric orbits before they merged.

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In a new study published on January 19, 2022, in the journal Royal Society Open Science, researchers present a reconstruction of the limb muscles of Thecodontosaurus, detailing the anatomy of the most important muscles involved in movement.

Thecodontosaurus was a small to medium sized two-legged dinosaur that roamed around what today is the United Kingdom during the Triassic period (around 205 million years ago).

This dinosaur was one of the first ever to be discovered and named by scientists, in 1836, but it still surprises scientists with new information about how the earliest dinosaurs lived and evolved.

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Earlier this month D-Wave Systems, the quantum computing pioneer that has long championed quantum annealing-based quantum computing (and sometimes taken heat fo Read more…

October 21, 2021

AMD’s next-generation supercomputer GPU is on its way – and by all appearances, it’s about to make a name for itself

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We've also run over 600,000 gaming sessions to help our members unlock millions of achievements and make new friends

And, we're fully secure and mobile friendly

48 Achievements worth 4,258 TA (1,000 GS)

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If you suspect that music in the Hottest 100 countdown might have slightly passed you by (what breed of feline is a Doja Cat, exactly?), then on Sunday, January 23, Double J will play the Hottest 100 from 2001!

Turn the volume all the way to the middle and rock out.

Find out the next TV, streaming series and movies to add to your must-sees.

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Australia will allocate 15,000 humanitarian and family visa places to Afghan nationals, following the release of a report detailing failures in Australia's withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.

Source: AAP Image/Lukas Coch.

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The Chief Health Officer recommended a ‘case number threshold’ be established for opening the international and interstate borders if Omicron outbreaks grew to large levels before whatever the new planned opening date was.

“If the Omicron disease were to enter WA prior to WA opening, or the current outbreak becomes established, consideration should be given to opening the borders when WA reaches a community daily caseload above a threshold level, which would require assessment to ensure that this would not further exacerbate the outbreak,” Dr Robertson said.

Dr Duncan-Smith said there was already Omicron in the community and it was a matter of when not if people would start to catch the virus.

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Property News: House prices in some school catchments explode by up to $367,000 - domain.com.au.

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Property News: Music promoter Michael Coppel sells Toorak home for more than $30 million - domain.com.au.

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On second serve, Osaka cracks a backhand into the net and it’s back to deuce, and Osaka then nets a forehand return to give Anisimova the game point

Another punishing rally, however, ends with the American finding the net and it’s backk to deuce

Again the wide serve makes the difference for Anisimova, who fashions another game point, and makes it 5-5

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Speaking about her daughter's sudden death, Jenny said Tanya "changed people's lives".

READ MORE: Co-star says Jessica Alba was 'horrible' to work with.

"We always told Tanya her epilepsy was a diagnosis and not an excuse to not do anything and that's how she lived her life.

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A former Buckingham Palace maid has divulged on some of Prince Andrew’s “spoilt” demands, as she claimed the royal often left her in tears.

Prince Andrew’s former maid has spoken out about her nightmare ordeal working for the royal in the ‘90s, saying he was “demanding” and “entitled”.

Speaking toThe Sun, former Buckingham Palace staffer Charlotte Briggs said she was often reduced to tears by the Duke of York, who on one occasion forced her to run up four flights of stairs to close curtains that he was sitting next to.

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A source told People the A-list pair met years ago before recently striking up a relationship over the last year, New York Post reports.

“Anna has been dating Bill quietly for over a year,” the insider told the outlet.

“They met years ago.

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It’s a film of people telling themselves they’re making a difference without really doing much of anything and it’s hard not to feel similarly unmoved by the time it’s all over.

The fraught mother-son dynamic feels uneasy and believable (two difficult people struggling to move past the too-comfortable roles they’ve grown out of), and Moore and Wolfhard certainly give it their all, but there’s some added texture missing from who these people really are and in the film’s brief 87-minute runtime it’s left to the heavy lifting of Emile Mosseri’s score to bring any real heft.

The ending is particularly, frustratingly rushed, as if we were fooled into thinking this was a novel but it was actually just a short story


Exclusive: MAFS bride Ella shares surprising detail about her dating life
17 hours ago
Exclusive: MAFS bride Ella shares surprising detail about her dating life
42 secs


In an exclusive interview with 9Entertainment, we dug a little deeper to get to know one of our new brides, Ella.

Ella is a 27-year-old beautician from Victoria and is described as "hot, edgy and covered in tattoos".

While it might be hard to believe, Ella hasn't been in a relationship in nine years and has discovered a theme with most of the dates she's been on.

Hardy Krüger dead: A Bridge Too Far star dies aged 93
1 day ago
Hardy Krüger dead: A Bridge Too Far star dies aged 93
38 secs


Hardy Krüger, who starred in films including A Bridge Too Far, has died at the age of 93.

His agency confirmed the news in a statement, saying: ‘His warmth of heart, joie de vivre, and his unshakable sense of justice will make him unforgettable.’.

They also shared their condolences for his wife, Anita Park.

Tones and I shares engagement story
1 day ago
Tones and I shares engagement story
1 min, 10 secs


“So I press play and he’s like … ‘Hey … I love you’ and all that stuff we say to each other, and then I turned around … he was laughing because he was so nervous … and at the end, it said, ‘Will you marry me?’ and when I turned around he was on one knee, and on his right knee he had tattooed ‘Will you marry me?’” the singer told Kyle and Jackie O.

Tones is notoriously private about her personal life, only revealing her “secret boyfriend” for the first time in July last year.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O Show at the time, Tones revealed she had been dating Bedford for 18 months.


Win a new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go
20 hours ago
Win a new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go
40 secs


Chrome Unboxed - The Latest Chrome OS News!

A Space for All Things Chrome, Google, and More.

January 20, 2022 By Robby Payne Leave a Comment.

Is God of War Ragnarok coming to PS4?
21 hours ago
Is God of War Ragnarok coming to PS4?
45 secs


The game was originally announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive in September 2020.

That is due to Sony wanting to completely usher in the new generation of consoles.

Unfortunately, the PS5 and other next-gen consoles are hard to come by.

‘Destiny 2’ Unveils 5% Of A Fix For Blue Drop Overload
21 hours ago
‘Destiny 2’ Unveils 5% Of A Fix For Blue Drop Overload
52 secs


If you want to re-examine rarity, okay, but no major changes “for the next few seasons” sounds like another year to me, and I would have much preferred an interim fix like an auto-dismantle toggle (again, which existed in Destiny 1) or the inability of blues to land in your postmaster.

I get the idea is that though these fixes may sound easy, they’re not.

But I say it’s enough of a priority where we do need something above and beyond “blues don’t drop after three specific playlist activities.” This is 5% of a fix, at most.


International research network welcomes new partners to expand science potential
15 hours ago
International research network welcomes new partners to expand science potential
1 min, 51 secs


In its quest to answer questions about the evolution and properties of cosmic matter and the origin of the world’s chemical elements, the International Research Network for Nuclear Astrophysics (IReNA), supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and headquartered at Michigan State University (MSU), is expanding to include three new crucial research partners.

IReNA’s new member networks are:.

They join six other networks that comprise IReNA: Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics – Center for the Evolution of the Elements (JINA-CEE), Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos (ChETEC), ExtreMe Matter Institute (EMMI), Nucleosynthesis Grid collaboration (NuGRID), Collaborative Research Center “The Milky Way System” (SFB 881), and Japan Forum of Nuclear Astrophysics/UKAKUREN.

NASA's gamma-ray observatory is in safe mode after a possible wheel failure
18 hours ago
NASA's gamma-ray observatory is in safe mode after a possible wheel failure
48 secs


While the team continues to work on the suspected failure of the sixth wheel, mission personnel also hope to get Swift's science instruments back up and running with just five wheels, the statement noted. .

The Swift Observatory’s science instruments went into safe mode after a possible reaction wheel failure!

Pointed science observations are temporarily suspended while the team investigates the issue.

Bizarre knotted DNA structures linked to cancer in mice
20 hours ago
Bizarre knotted DNA structures linked to cancer in mice
1 min, 19 secs


These weird, four-stranded knots appear in cancer cells at much higher rates than in healthy cells, and they have been linked to cancer cells' ability to rapidly divide, according to Live Science. .

—7 diseases you can learn about from a genetic test .

—Science experiment for kids: Seeing your DNA.


Breakthrough infections spur strong antibody responses
17 hours ago
Breakthrough infections spur strong antibody responses
49 secs


A recent study looked at the strength, durability and breadth of neutralizing antibody responses generated by breakthrough infections in individuals vaccinated against SARS-CoV2.

The findings are published this week in Cell, one of the scientific journals of Cell Press.

Alexandra Walls and David Veesler in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Washington in Seattle led the project.

Signs of Lingering Cardiac Dysfunction After Severe COVID
18 hours ago
Signs of Lingering Cardiac Dysfunction After Severe COVID
43 secs


Compared with matched controls, 204 COVID patients had worse right ventricular longitudinal strain (RVLS; adjusted estimated mean difference 1.5 percentage points, 95% CI 0.5-2.6), lower tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion (-0.10 cm, 95% CI -0.14 to -0.05), and reduced cardiac index (-0.26 L/min per m2; 95% CI -0.40 to -0.12), reported Charlotte Ingul, MD, PhD, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, and colleagues.

Reduced diastolic function was twice as likely among people post-COVID (30% vs 15% for controls; OR 2.4, 95% CI 1.4-4.2), with largely mild diastolic dysfunction, the researchers noted in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

On the other hand, the COVID group had slightly better left ventricular (LV) global longitudinal strain (LV GLS; -0.8 percentage points compared with controls, 95% CI -1.3 to -0.2), in line with other studies showing little LV dysfunction after COVID.

K-Wires Offer No Advantage Over Plaster Casts in Improving Wrist Fracture Outcomes
23 hours ago
K-Wires Offer No Advantage Over Plaster Casts in Improving Wrist Fracture Outcomes
1 min, 2 secs


Thirty-three (13%) patients in the cast group required surgical fixation for loss of fracture reduction in the first 6 weeks, whereas only 1 (0.4%) patient in the K-wire group required revision surgery (OR 0.02, 95% CI 0.001 to 0.10; P<0.001).

The trial had some limitations, the most important being the absence of treatment blinding for both treating physicians and patients.

The authors concluded: "A cast is an acceptable first-line treatment following manipulation of a dorsally displaced fracture of the distal radius.


‘P***ing me off!’ No.1s collapse as Kyrgios, Kokk pull off Australian Open’s biggest upset
7 hours ago
‘P***ing me off!’ No.1s collapse as Kyrgios, Kokk pull off Australian Open’s biggest upset
3 mins, 51 secs


The two-time Australian Open champion was in total control in the opening set as Svitolina, the 15th seed, floundered to convert just 35 per cent of first serves.

Svitolina also had three double faults and 13 unforced errors and to her credit, Azarenka took full advantage to end the set in just 25 minutes, described in commentary as a “demolition job”.

The second set saw Svitolina offer more resistance, with the sixth game in particular seeing Azarenka struggle to put the Ukrainian away, who saved match point on multiple occasions.

WA border opening delay prompts relief and resentment in business and tourism sectors
9 hours ago
WA border opening delay prompts relief and resentment in business and tourism sectors
1 min, 54 secs


Mr Lodge said the Premier and the WA government had lost "all trust" from the tourism and hospitality sector.

"It's just mixed messaging, he keeps changing the goal posts," he said.

The Premier's plan to reopen the state on February 5 lies in ruins, and there's a risk the backflip could weaken public goodwill — the key to WA's COVID-19 strategy, writes Jacob Kagi.

Dolphins land big gun to ease pressure; another star Panther staying put: NRL Transfer Centre
13 hours ago
Dolphins land big gun to ease pressure; another star Panther staying put: NRL Transfer Centre
6 mins, 40 secs


2022 squad: Josh Addo-Carr (2025), Paul Alamoti (2023), Corey Allan (2023), Jake Averillo (2023), Bailey Biondi-Odo (2023), Braidon Burns (2023), Matt Burton (2023, PO 2024), Josh Cook (2023), Matt Doorey (2022), Matt Dufty (2022), Raymond Faitala-Mariner (2022), Kyle Flanagan (2023), Jack Hetherington (2022, MO 2023), Josh Jackson (2023), Tui Katoa (2022), Max King (2022), Jeremy Marshall-King (2022, PO 2023), Brent Naden (2023), Jayden Okunbor (2023), Tevita Pangai Jr (2024), Chris Patolo (2023), Aaron Schoupp (2024), Ava Seumanufagai (2023), Joe Stimson (2022), Luke Thompson (2023), Jackson Topine (2022), Paul Vaughan (2022), Corey Waddell (2023), Brandon Wakeham (2022)

Train-and-trial players: Noah King, Kurt Morrin, Phillip Makatoa, Jayden Tanner, Billy Tsikrikas, Declan Casey, Harrison Edwards, Josh Stuckey, Mosese Pope, Steven Marsters, Ben Seufale, Luke Sommerton, Josh Ralph

2022 gains: Matt Burton (Panthers), Josh Addo-Carr (Storm), Brent Naden (Panthers), Matt Dufty (Dragons), Paul Vaughan (Dragons), Tevita Pangai Jr (Broncos/Panthers), Josh Cook (Rabbitohs), Max King (Storm), Braidon Burns (Rabbitohs)


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