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(Prince Charles was the first senior member of the royal family to ever go to university and he somehow managed to get into ultra-prestigious Cambridge University despite only having gotten a B in History and a C in French in his final exams.)?

But in 2013, Booker Prize-winning novelist Dame Hilary Mantel made global headlines after deciding to share her caustic take on Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge during a lecture at the British Museum.

Her assessment.

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Australian actor Simon Baker, 52, and his ex-wife Rebecca Rigg, 53, have sold their three-bedroom home in Bronte, Sydney, for almost $17 million, reports claim. .

According to Domain this week, the couple shocked property watchers with the lucrative sale, especially given they purchased the home for for just $6.5 million back in 2015.

The former couple were reportedly 'quietly shopping' the property before it was confirmed a buyer was found for the home.     .

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If your childhood dream was to live like Winnie the Pooh, this is your chance to make it come true by staying at a replica of the storied bear's tree house, thanks to Airbnb.

Pooh illustrator Kim Raymond is hosting two one-night stays at the "Bearbnb," custom-built at the real site that inspired the fictional Hundred Acre Wood in England to celebrate the 95th anniversary of Pooh's creation by writer AA Milne.

RELATED: Inside the beautiful winning homes from Australia's Airbnb Host Awards.

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Brandishing a sweet photo of the former couple, Keating took Paltrow back to 1997, when she and Pitt walked the red carpet at The Devil's Own premiere.

The pair dated for three years between 1994 and 1997, first meeting while co-starring on the film Se7en.

They even briefly got engaged in 1996, before splitting up in 1997.

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Giving an update: Amy Schumer has revealed her uterus and appendix were removed as she underwent surgery for endometriosis.

While one treatment for endometriosis is surgically removing the uterus, the treatment is controversial as a hysterectomy leaves you unable to get pregnant and it’s not always a cure — the condition and related pain can return.   .

Schumer began the video by noting that it was 'the morning after my surgery for endometriosis and my uterus is out.' .

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However, case numbers in the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District remain high, with another 64 people testing positive for the virus.

These include 39 new cases in Wollongong, 18 in Shellharbour, and seven in Shoalhaven.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said it was too early to say whether the state had already seen the peak in infections, but the signs were looking good.

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The Riverina is on alert after a string of cases emerged in the region this week, including four revealed in state figures on Saturday, and pings in sewage surveillance in local areas with no known cases.

They included a person in Albury and three previously-announced household contacts of a man aged in his 60s, who was transported to Wagga Base Hospital on Friday.

All four are now being cared for in Wagga.

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A number of construction sites were added to virus exposure locations, but the minister said this was not the result of on-site transmission.

"We know that our construction sector has very strong COVID safety plans in place," Ms Stephen-Smith said.

Chief health officer Kerryn Coleman said the chief minister was heeding her advice to take a rest day

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PETALING JAYA: The government has decided to offer Covid-19 vaccine booster shots to frontliners and the elderly to boost their protection, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

The administration of the booster shots for high-risk groups such as frontliners, the immunocompromised and the elderly with comorbidities will begin once the Covid-19 mass immunisation coverage has covered 80% of the adult population nationwide, he said.

"This third dose can increase the level of immunity in individuals who are at high-risk of getting infected with Covid-19 infection, as immunity may decrease after a certain period following the second dose," added Ismail Sabri in a statement on Sunday (Sept 19).

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Going along with this escalation, Nate the Hate and his guest MVG talked this last Wednesday about the likelihood of N64 games coming to Nintendo Switch as well, and at one point he even said, "one of the platforms that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch Online in the future is the revolutionary Nintendo 64.".

Could this be what Phil Spencer's shelf has been teasing us about all year.

Before we all get too excited about replaying the glorious games from our youth on Switch, it's important to remember that due to certain licensing issues with Goldeneye 007 and the fact that Rare, the developer that brought us Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini and other gems, is now owned by Microsoft.

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The Elder Scrolls Online will be getting a makeover this year, as the MMO will be the first game to use Nvidia‘s DLAA (Deep Learning Anti Aliasing) software to improve how Tamriel looks.

As well as DLAA, The Elder Scrolls Online will additionally be receiving DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) support.

DLAA will first be tested in the public test server and will be available in update 32 alongside DLSS.

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After the Permian extinction event 252 million years ago – the largest mass extinction event in Earth's history – there appears to have been a burst in bacterial and algal blooms, lasting for hundreds of thousands of years.

According to the geologic record in Australia, the damaging impacts of climate change and climate-driven deforestation during the Permian extinction event most likely caused a toxic soup to sprout in the Sydney Basin, one of the oldest known freshwater ecosystems in the world.

That's disconcerting, the authors say, as human activity is leading to a similar mass extinction event today.

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A statement from Cricket Australia said the organisation was "deeply sorry for the grief this conversation may cause Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people" and said its next steps would be decided by its National Aboriginal Advisory committee.

"We are currently digesting the news that has uncovered evidence suggesting Tom Wills' participation in the mass murder of Gayiri people during the attacks that followed Queensland's Cullin-la-ringo massacre," the Cricket Australia statement said.

"We bear witness to and are deeply sorry for the grief this conversation may cause Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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On Tuesday, brewing tension will emerge as the full moon illuminates your sign and enhances your emotions.

Every star sign on love, career and more.Credit:iStock.


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She has since deleted the social media account where she posted the false statements.

The hearing took place over Microsoft Teams with Tribe giving evidence from what appeared to be a hotel room in California which may give fans some clue as to Ben Simmons’ next home.

The Fitzroy-born, Newcastle-raised Simmons has said he wants to play for a Los Angeles-based team such as the league-leading LA Clippers or the Lakers.

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Female Soviet chess legend Nona Gaprindashvili is suing Netflix for $US5 ($7) million after a scene in the hit show Queen’s Gambit falsely claimed she had never played against men.

In fact, she claims to have played and beaten dozens of men.

In the suit, Gaprindashvili called the incorrect dialogue “grossly sexist”.

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The crowning jewel award of the night, Outstanding Drama Series, is a race between Bridgerton, Lovecraft Country, Pose, The Boys, This Is Us, The Handmaid’s Tale and the aforementioned The Crown and The Mandalorian.

Here are the full list of nominees, which we will update live as they are announced:.

Outstanding Drama Series.

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Comedian and broadcaster Libbi Gorr, 56, is best known for her satirical character Elle McFeast?

Pictured left in the '90s, and right in 2016 .

She went on to play McFeast in a number of TV specials, including Sex, Guys and Video Tape, Elle McFeast Live, and Breasts.

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Dan Andrews is expected to announce what life will look like for locked-down Victorians for the rest of the year on Sunday, one 70 per cent of the population is double vaccinated (pictured, police presence at an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne on Saturday)?

Victorians can expect to dine outdoors at pubs and restaurants next month while students can return to school as Premier Daniel Andrews unveils his road map out of lockdown (pictured in Melbourne).

The roadmap will allow Year 12 students to return to school during the first week in October in preparation for their final exams. .

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A finger prick test that does not detect a Covid-19 infection but rather a person’s immunity to the virus is being developed and partly funded by the Victorian government.

Victoria’s Innovation and Medical Research Minister Jaala Pulford claims the rapid Covid-19 NAB-Test could also “predict a person’s immunity to new and emerging variants of Covid-19” and could be used at scale for large groups.

The test is at the prototype stage.

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Australia's New South Wales reports 1,083 virus cases.

Australia's most populous state, New South Wales, reported 1,083 locally acquired Covid-19 infections and 13 more deaths in an outbreak of the highly transmissible Delta variant that began in mid-June.

There are 1,238 people admitted to hospital, with 234 in intensive care, 123 of whom require ventilation, the New South Wales health ministry said on Twitter.


TOM BOWER: Surely, as an intelligent man, Charles can see his actions bode ill for a future King
1 day ago
TOM BOWER: Surely, as an intelligent man, Charles can see his actions bode ill for a future King
1 min, 31 secs


To his considerable credit, Prince Charles has raised millions of pounds for charity.

The Prince's Trust alone has returned £1.4 billion in benefits to society by helping more than 870,000 disadvantaged youngsters.

Such achievements are a proud symbol of a lifetime's work.

Judge blocks Andrew’s bid to dodge sex-assault case
2 days ago
Judge blocks Andrew’s bid to dodge sex-assault case
50 secs


The US judge’s decision came as London’s High Court said that Andrew’s legal team had indicated they would challenge its ruling that it would take steps if necessary to have papers served on the British royal.

Andrew, the 61-year-old Duke of York and second son of Queen Elizabeth, was sued by Giuffre last month, accusing him of battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress over alleged misconduct from about two decades ago.

Giuffre, 38, was underage at the time of Andrew’s alleged abuse, which she said occurred around the time his friend, the financier Jeffrey Epstein, was sexually abusing her.


Is PlayStation’s next big exclusive a Star Wars game by Quantic Dream?
1 day ago
Is PlayStation’s next big exclusive a Star Wars game by Quantic Dream?
20 secs


If Quantic Dream develops a Star Wars game for the PlayStation, it would undoubtedly be a massive exclusive title.

Forget the iPhone 13 - Motorola thinks it has the perfect phone for work
1 day ago
Forget the iPhone 13 - Motorola thinks it has the perfect phone for work
48 secs


As the Motorola Edge 20 Lite Business Edition is 5G ready, employees can use it when they're working from home or at the office while Motorola's Ready For capabilities enable users to be more productive by offering improved connectivity.

With Ready For PC, employees can work more efficiently as they can access Android apps and PC files on the same screen.

This also means that they won't have to continually unlock their smartphone to check messages for updates while they work on two files at once and move files back and forth between their devices seamlessly.

CoD Vanguard players furious as hackers ruin beta matches
1 day ago
CoD Vanguard players furious as hackers ruin beta matches
36 secs


The Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta is live, giving players a chance to jump into the game early and test some things out.

While the beta is more for the devs to test things out to fix for launch, players are upset as hackers have started to appear, ruining the experience. .

Players that pre-ordered Vanguard or received an access code can download the beta and play the game.



Australian Medical Association warns politicians to stop selling vaccine targets as ‘freedom day’
1 day ago
Australian Medical Association warns politicians to stop selling vaccine targets as ‘freedom day’
28 secs


“Achievement of the 70 per cent or 80 per cent vaccination targets in the national plan or the Doherty modelling cannot be regarded or promoted as being ‘freedom day’,” the AMA’s communique said on Sunday.

“These targets must be treated as incremental steps towards higher benchmarks that Doherty will provide further advice on.”.

Under the national plan, restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals will be eased once 70 and 80 per cent of the Australian population aged 16 and older are fully vaccinated.

Melbourne man’s shock admission after accidental prostate cancer find
1 day ago
Melbourne man’s shock admission after accidental prostate cancer find
54 secs


“I’d actually lost my dad, about 15 years before that to cancer, not prostate cancer, but pancreatic cancer, so it was devastating.”.

Months before his diagnosis, Ben had an unrelated health scare that prompted him to take control of his wellbeing.

So, he headed to his GP and had his blood pressure checked, as well as doing some blood tests.

Moderna arrives amid Vic protest warning
2 days ago
Moderna arrives amid Vic protest warning
35 secs


The first Moderna shipment touched down as protesters on Saturday vowed to defy public health orders and gather en masse in Melbourne.

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley told a news conference that protesters had in mind "premeditated, violent scenes" and warned police had mounted a large-scale response.

The city became a no-go zone before Saturday's rally, with most public transport to and from the precinct suspended and a "ring of steel" erected around its fringe.


China’s looming disaster bad news for Aus
21 hours ago
China’s looming disaster bad news for Aus
1 min, 17 secs


But perhaps the most immediate blow to result from a crisis in the Chinese property sector would be the reduction in demand for Australian iron ore.

As by far the world’s largest importer of iron ore by an enormous margin, any significant reduction in Chinese demand would have major implications for the economy and the federal budget.

According to the 2021-22 federal budget, every $US10 the price of iron ore falls nominal GDP decreases by $6.5 billion and the budget coffers are drained of $1.3 billion.

Oasis singer Liam Gallagher falls out of helicopter in horror accidents after Isle of Wight Festival
1 day ago
Oasis singer Liam Gallagher falls out of helicopter in horror accidents after Isle of Wight Festival
31 secs


“So check this out I fell out the helicopter last night you couldn’t rite it all good who said RnR is dead Keith moon eat your drum skin out C’mon you know LG x (sic),” he wrote.

“Got the cover shot for Nxt album c’mon you nose LG x (sic),” he wrote.

Victorian police union says officers treated like 'punching bags' at violent Melbourne anti-lockdown protests
1 day ago
Victorian police union says officers treated like 'punching bags' at violent Melbourne anti-lockdown protests
38 secs


Mr Gatt said while Victoria Police achieved its objective of stopping people travelling to the city, certain elements of the operation could have been better executed to keep officers safe.

"That's something that we struggle with and it's something that will challenge us, and in the days and hours ahead we'll talk to Victoria Police about how we can do things better to make sure that that isn't an outcome of future protester demonstration activity," he said.

"When you have situations where large numbers of members have been injured, you’re duty bound to look at that.".


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