Under 35s left last in NZ vaccine rollout - westernadvocate.com.au
Jun 17, 2021 41 secs
Young New Zealanders must wait until October at the earliest to be vaccinated against COVID-19 under a new government rollout plan.

Ms Ardern also hinted at barring unvaccinated travellers from entering New Zealand in the future.

Like Australia, New Zealand is running a staggered vaccine rollout, starting with health and border workers, progressing to those at elevated risk of catching the virus or having adverse health effects if they were to contract COVID-19.

Ms Ardern has pledged every consenting adult New Zealand will receive vaccine this year and she confirmed that goal on Thursday.

New Zealand is ranked 120th, or last in the developed world, for people per capita to be vaccinated.

On Thursday, Ms Ardern also hinted at future border settings.

New Zealand remains largely closed to the world - save Australia under its trans-Tasman bubble arrangement.

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